Seven 'til SunriseCelebrate Halloween with Jay Smith’s collection of short stories SEVEN ‘TIL SUNRISE.  Why?  Because the already LOW LOW price of 99 cents is being SLASHED like a horny co-ed in an 80’s monster movie.

We’re talkiing FREE, friends and neighbors.

Between October 25th and 29th ONLY, download the KINDLE version of the book free of charge or obligation.  Read it. Love it. Hate it.   It’s our way of thanking you for coming to this blog.

And if you’re in the Orlando area October 25th-27th, come out to Uncle Spooky’s Ultimate Horror Weekend where Jay will be one of a herd of horror writers talking shop in front of a captive audience, selling and signing copies of “THE DIARY OF JILL WOODBINE.”

Just what is this book about?

These are stories about people facing their mortal end, ignorant or eyes-wide-open, as the world goes on without them.  Sounds dark, right?  There are seven short tales about how we treat life in the face of death or when we are blissfully ignorant of our own mortality.

We’ll meet Dominick Row who believes he’s won a sort of lottery and a trip away from a sick and dying world. Then Mr. Norman Stoker will scan the newspaper for evidence to support his view that the world is a miserable place all while scenes of vibrant life pay out around him. A survivor of a zombie uprising will explain how great it is to live without the shackles of modern society. A widower uses Facebook to reconnect with old friends, revealing dark secrets in the process. We’ll learn about a stuffed lion that has its own bedroom in a man’s lonely apartment and why it is so important to a housewife of over half a century that every autumn morning plays out the same way. Finally, Jay explains why lobsters are mean, evil creatures that must be stopped at all costs. Jay Smith collects stories written during a time of emotional pain and uncertainty exploring what it means to be alive but unaware of one’s final destiny.