Join me and a lot of people at my favorite con of the year: Farpoint!  February 13-15th in Timonium, Maryland!

Actual locations to be determined

(Post) Apocalypse Wow!                         Friday 7:00 PM
Grip ‘n Grin/Meet the Pros Shindigity     Friday 8-ish PM
Book Fair (BUY MY BOOKS! FEED ME!)  Friday 10:00 PM

Make Mine Marvel                                     Saturday Noon
A New Podcast – Talking Against the Roar (moderator)   Saturday 1:00 PM
Coping With Discouragement                    Saturday 3:00 PM
Creative Partnerships (moderator)          Saturday 5:00 PM

Part-Time Writer, Full-Time World           Sunday 1:00 PM
Writing Great Dialogue                              Sunday 2:00 PM