761f84d8dc45191cc1ab68202b915a6cSome minor program notes!

I will not be on the (Post) Apocalypse Wow! panel on Friday night because I have tickets to the cocktail party/meet-n-greet with my wife and friends. If you’re there, please say hello!

I will NOT have a reading or signing at the con. However, I will be at the Book Fair Friday 10-Midnight. Otherwise, I’ll be trading my paper for your paper and talking to anyone who will listen while in the lobby or after (^) panels.

Opening Ceremonies Social Function
Friday 8-ish PM ~ Greenspring

Book Fair (BUY MY BOOKS! FEED ME!) ^
Friday 10:00 PM ~ Dulaney 1 & 2

10488402_10152496896566841_1726233559688430284_nMake Mine Marvel
Saturday Noon ~ Dulaney 2

A New Podcast – Talking Against the Roar (moderator) ^
Saturday 1:00 PM ~ Ridgely 1

Coping With Discouragement Saturday ^
3:00 PM ~ Chesapeake 1

Creative Partnerships (moderator) ^
Saturday 5:00 PM ~ Ridgely 1

Part-Time Writer, Full-Time World
Sunday 1:00 PM ~ Chesapeake 1

Writing Great Dialogue ^
Sunday 2:00 PM ~ Chesapeake 1