First of all, we spend too much time thinking about the Presidential elections and not NEARLY enough on the “small” races that fill Congress (the House, in particular) with shitheads, zealots, and lunatics. That said…
We have five credible presidential candidates left.
The Democrats provided Secretary Clinton and Bernie Sanders along with a few also-rans. I’m not thrilled. They put up the one who feels its her turn against a guy to pacify the more progressive, younger voters not realizing how much grass-roots Dems don’t like Clinton. I don’t quite “feel the Bern” because no matter what I think of the person in the White House, there is still the issue of that person’s ability to work with the slaughterhouse of common sense serving as our legislative branch.  But my mind is open.
Meanwhile, the GOP threw more than a dozen options out almost two years ago like America was a focus group for different 2016 Presidential products.  Millions of dollars and a potentially clusterfucked convention on the horizon, they have a pop culture sideshow clown as the mighty front-runner.
Ted Cruz is the intellectual equivalent of a pap smear left under a sun lamp, but the front-runner is such an slime-coated B-movie villain that it makes ANY alternative look reasonable.
And that is what the party WANTS running the country. Jesus Facebooking Christ.
The GOP had EIGHT YEARS to get its shit together and come up with a single good idea. The anti-Obama crowd LOVES to say how terrible things are and what damage Obama has done to the nation and how close we are to an apocalyptic brink… but who did they offer up to solve this problem and clean up that alleged mess? They offered the kind of shit-show that would only make sense as an animated parody running on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  They failed.  They failed to lead, they failed to unite, and they failed to test market someone who could unite the vast centrist Independent vote that doesn’t give a bug’s fuck about party or gang signs and are just looking for a good LEADER.
I guess that’s too much to ask the GOP.  It’s time America stopped asking them.  It’s time for the good and decent members of the Republican party – the citizens who are there because they honestly want a stronger, more secure America but not at the cost of divisiveness and stupidity – to run these incompetent fuckers out of business.
Until now I have always said that I would vote for a Republican who campaigned on the idea of moderation and fairness to all Americans.  I would only consider a candidate who identified with the idea that all Americans have good ideas and that we are a nation of individuals with complex perspectives and diverse backgrounds, one who rejects the lie that America is a war between two ideas that cannot coexist.
But the GOP is broken beyond repair and I cannot see a point to remaining Independent in a democratic system that only had two real options to begin with.
I changed my voter registration from Independent to Democrat. I have always felt that the Democratic party is corrupt and flawed, the progressive photographic negative of the GOP, but that’s no longer true. The Democrats may be corrupt and flawed, but at least they can still TRY and take America’s problems – and America – seriously.