Snake Oil

Fandom is not entitlement.

You are a consumer of a product.  The product is entertainment.  You hate a lot of it and you’re passionate about a lot of it, and most of it just passes through you like a cheap, greasy burrito.

Entertainment is an industry, not a public service or utility.  Sure, there’s a little lie they tell you up front about making dreams and expanding the boundaries of the imagination.  But you’re too old to believe that fairy tale, aren’t you?  I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re over the age of twelve.  I hope.

(Seriously, I hope you are because there are a lot of fucks in these pages.)

Sony doesn’t owe you anything.  Disney isn’t out to preserve your sense of nostalgia.  Rock and Roll was born despite what the controlling generation considered to be “real music.”  Hip Hop survives for the same reasons.   There’s a new audience and it ain’t you.

You’re what I hate about retail and food service.  Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the world treats you like royalty.  You have the latest toys or tech marketed to you in a way that implies that YOU deserve it.  The new phone suits your “busy” lifestyle.  This car reflects the truth of your character.  These clothes will bring out the god within you.

You’ve been programmed your entire life that you’ve earned your place atop the social food chain.  While billions work dawn to dusk to earn potable water and scraps to eat, you get to fill out an angry comment card when the other entitled shithead at Hot Topic doesn’t smile at you big enough.  You get to have the corporate leadership of YUM! Brands reward your complaint about cheap greasy burritos with free coupons and heartfelt apologies.  The world must be nice to you.  Business must cater to you alone.  If they don’t?  Oh, you have a belly full of half-digested burrito ready to unleash hell.

Get the fuck over yourself.

You’ve been conned, bubbles.  They don’t really like you.  Their little payout has already been calculated into their budget for whiny, self-important twits who actually believe they matter to a billion-dollar corporation.   You think it’s a victory when Chili’s comps your baby back ribs because the server called you “hun” and offended you.  You know that didn’t come out of the CEO’s pay, right?  You know more food went into a dumpster that day than a majority of families will see in a lifetime?

And Sony doesn’t give two shits and a smile about your “raped” childhood.  China’s and the foreign market is gonna eat up this reboot.

You’re a tool of the consumer culture.  Think about that the next time you can’t find that thing you want at Target and have to slum with the WalMartians because you don’t want to pay boutique prices at the mom & pop shop or wait the eternal 2-3 business days for Amazon delivery.

Fuckin’ Eloi live up in this bitch.  A feast for the Morlocks.

In a way, this model of entitlement has convinced you that you can download music, movies, books, television shows, photos, and anything else you want because you feel it already belongs to you.  It doesn’t matter if Disney owns it or some tie-in writer is making his living off the book you just ripped.  If you can have it without buying it, you see it as a victory.

Let it go, little shaver.  Enjoy things.  Relax.  Build something.  Create something.  Don’t just consume it.