I remember the Bill Clinton years. At the time Republicans told the world they were the moral gold standard for America. They threw Bill under the bus constantly for his relationships with women and maybe they should have. Maybe Hillary IS as evil as they say. Maybe she SHOULD be in prison. But their point THEN, as it is NOW, is that the Clintons are too immoral and sick to hold public office. So. Why doesn’t that same standard apply to Trump?

If we want to discuss logic or integrity of an opinion, it seems to me the only answer the GOP and conservative voters have in this moment is to hit Trump as hard as they would a liberal opponent and prove that their motive is moral rather than political. Because every excuse for Trump that includes something Clinton has done is a sign of hypocrisy. It sounds like someone defending a rapist by saying “YES, rape is horrible. But look who ELSE is a rapist!” It doesn’t excuse EITHER rape that occurred.

But….but…. HILLARY!


Benghazi. It was tragic and perhaps could have been avoided. Maybe Clinton should have been held responsible for her role. (Despite how many investigations, now?) Let’s assume she should for a moment. Then let’s go back to 2001 and ask why no one demanded the head of the Secretary of State who failed to heed the intelligence that predicted 3,000 dead on September 11th. Let’s ask why there wasn’t outrage over the lies or poor intelligence leading to the invasion of Iraq. There were no conservative demands for the resignations of Rice or Powell or Rumsfeld. If they had done their jobs maybe hundreds of thousands of lives could have been spared. The difference, to me, is that you can’t fit all those brave Americans and innocent civilians on a fucking poster to make a political point.

Could you imagine Trump in such a situation? What do you really think Trump will do when Putin tells him to fuck off over Syria? What’s he going to do to this “strong leader” he respects so much? Seriously, he’ll get curb-stomped like a One Direction fan at a Juggalo party.

Trump is a serial adulterer, a thief, a con artist, a showman, a lecherous bully of a man who has prospered on the vision and cash flow of others. He is a brand, a trademarked image who is beholden to Russian, Chinese, Saudi, and other foreign interests for his success and now is his opportunity to pay them back for their support of his career. His mission in life is to do right by himself and his debt-holders. He has never held public office. He has never spoken in specifics about how he would fix any of the problems he mentions and his policy statements are copy/pastes from 20 year-old ALEC memos. His actions will be based on past bargains and future favors.

Yes. Perhaps “just like Hillary.” But shut the fuck up about how he’s so much better. If anything he is more corrupt because he hasn’t had an entire political industry working to imprison him for the past 30 years. Either Hillary Clinton is a god-damn super criminal or there’s a whole lot of smoke that’s actually a conservative fog machine. The difference is that Hillary has been in the spotlight working for this country for 30 fucking years while Trump has been off hymen-testing beauty pageant contestants and suing people who call him names on Twitter. Hillary’s heart might be made of Teflon and concentrated evil but Trump has the heart of every spoiled child ever dragged screaming out of a toy store.

I’m sick of the bullshit coming from desperate voters who would call for Trump’s head if he had decided to run as a Democrat and said such things. I would bet my Barry Goldwater commemorative fountain pen that if we looked into a parallel universe where Trump was the Democratic nominee, this conversation would be all about his horrifying and disgusting life in contrast to the fine upstanding moral compass that is Ted Cruz.

And if you look at his history, the only reason he didn’t is because he had a better shot at beating the carnival sideshow of GOP candidates than the entrenched, corrupt DNC which promised Hillary her shot this time.

In other words, Trump picked the GOP because it was the party that would not only embrace his cult of personality but excuse the exact same behavior they used to impeach Bill Clinton in his second term. So much for their moral high ground and profession of integrity.

I’m not thrilled by the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House.  I am not a fan of dynasties like the Bushes or Roosevelts.  That said, she’s been a Senator and a Secretary of State and the only other remaining applicant for the job is a man with all the presidential qualities of a 1970s game show host.  And if you waited until now or back at the convention to start thinking about a third option, you’re woefully too late.  You’re to blame because you knew this was an option back when you could have been stumping for third party candidates or holding your parties accountable for the fraud committed on both sides.

Face it. The two-party cartels that run our Republic have been reduced to this. And we fell for it. Want it to change? Stop giving a fuck about the Presidential election so much as your hometown races. Change Congress. Get reasonable people into office. Find the people who give a shit and put them into your school boards, your town councils, your county commissions. Forget about the “R” or the “D” — they are damaged brands. When the Whigs died, it gave birth to a more moderate Republican brand. As it has been, so can it be again. But only if we stop treating these elections like reality shows where our only interaction is to vote someone out each week. Because if we don’t…