As some of you know, I write books.  They help finance the promotion of the audio drama series I write which introduce you to talented actors and engineers and stories I hope entertain you.

In November, I’ve been invited to attend three amazing events:

TUSCON 43 in Tucson, Arizona.  It’s my first con west of the Mississippi and the farthest I’ll travel to appear.

PHILCON 2016 is an annual pilgrimage to talk with friends and family in the Philadelphia area.

CHESSIECON is a new con for me in the Baltimore area that I’m excited to experience.

Of course, I’m not the kind of guest who gets comped on his room and travel.  It’s just a way for me to promote my work and the work of others.

SO!  If you won’t be at these events and would like to pick up a copy of my books…

FIRST, check them out on my web page: http://www.jaysmithaudio.com.  Weird tales all, they are sure to entertain you.

You COULD get them on Amazon, but if you get them direct from me, the proceeds come to us directly AND you’ll be able to have a personalized copy mailed directly to you.

Message me or comment below for ordering information.  A permanent link will appear soon!