I haven’t recapped the last few episodes of Westworld for a reason.

There are more questions than answers.  This week’s episode, however, is worth catching up on and I’ll be writing that as soon as I get sufficient sleep and shake off this jetlag.

Before we talk about the new episode, I want to point out something that may burst the “William is The Man in Black” theory.  I was curious to see if the mysterious “Arnold” was mentioned in the cast list on IMDB.com.  He wasn’t.  But I noticed something interesting about next week’s episode.


The episode Trompe L’Oeil  lists Eric Shackelford as “The Gunslinger” which links to the “Man in Black” character page. The Man in Black page lists the following appearances.

Granted, this is IMDB which is subject to change and errors, but it is interesting that they chose to list Shackelford in those two episodes.

I know I’ve used both terms interchangeably.  The HBO series refers to Ed Harris’ character as The Man in Black.  I’ve also heard him called The Gunslinger in both viewer blogs and news items.  I don’t recall two versions of the Gunslinger/MiB character in last week’s The Adversary.

Yul Brynner’s character in the 1973 film is called The Gunslinger and listed on the same page as Ed Harris’ The Man in Black.  Jimmy Simpson’s William is not listed at all.

The only character close to “The Gunslinger” I saw in The Adversary that I can think of was the cameo of Brynner’s blurry character during Bernard’s quest for free-roaming, undocumented hosts.  OR, it might be the thing that grabbed Elsie.  I don’t know.