January 19th, 2017 –
On the eve of inaugurating our 45th President of the United States I want to offer my sincere apologies to those visionary patriots who made this revolutionary event in American history possible. I admit I doubted that the American people could rise and take back their government by turning conventional wisdom on its head.
So, when Gary Johnson puts his hand on the Bible and swears his oath tomorrow, please know that I will support your – OUR – President with a renewed humility and faith in the American people.
I was wrong. When you threw your support behind Johnson early in the election cycle and began the hard journey of getting Libertarians on the ballot in all fifty states, I thought you had an insurmountable, perhaps even impossible challenge. While totally unknown in a field of dozens of primary candidates, you stood up and cheered for Johnson and broke through the noise, shifting the millions of dollars that might have gone to long-forgotten Republicans and Democrats to a man who needed those funds desperately to compete on the national stage. You demanded his participation in the national discussion. You put him on planes across the country, started rallies of hope and fellowship in purple states hungry for a new choice of leader. You supported the Libertarians in your state and local elections and urged them to support Johnson and make the world take him seriously.
You inspired the great thinkers and statesmen of our country to prepare Johnson for the tough questions, developed policies that just made sense. When his poll numbers spiked over ten percent months before the Big Two conventions, I had a feeling I might have been wrong thinking you were throwing your votes away. I still had my doubts, though. Ross Perot started strong in a period of great political discord, but one slip could prove disastrous.
But you had what a lot of us said you didn’t: A Plan.
Still, you endured the sleepless nights and the long dangerous walks through strange neighborhoods bringing the Gospel of Gary door to door, fostering good will through community activism, and promoting self-reliance and support within neighborhoods in need of strong, Libertarian values. Your made the Gary Johnson brand one of inclusion and fun, turned an empty canvas into America’s dad passing football in the yard with America’s future, smiling and giving straight talk to a world that has problems, but not without great solutions.
For months upon months you spearheaded the greatest political assault in American history. 
Johnson outshone so many also-rans, pushing them out of the spotlight and their primary debates. Their support shifted to Johnson by the tens of thousands. Here was a guy that even made friends among bitter political Facebook rivals. I should have known then that the tide was turning.
When you put your boy in the debates against Trump and Clinton there was finally a third choice for the undecideds who were sick and tired of bad options. The message resonated with almost the same feeling of excitement that Sanders had early on. When the polls jumped into the high twenties after his third strong debate performance (where he stunned even the former Secretary of State on his foreign policy knowledge), I finally began to see what you saw all those months ago: real Presidential material.
If you had started later (like after the conventions) or thrown in with the anti-Trump surge or just didn’t want history to judge you for electing Donald Trump, he may not be standing in front of the Capitol tomorrow. It might be Clinton II or – worse – the oozing gangrenous twat rocket of a reality show host.
But YOU, the visionary patriots, didn’t care about the odds or the ended relationships or the scorn you received for your choice – you DID THE WORK and MADE IT HAPPEN. You are the change we needed to see in the world.
And the rest of us owe you our thanks, if not for a great president (that remains to be seen) but doing something that hasn’t been done in this country since the death of the Whigs.
And I, personally, owe you an apology for saying you were throwing away your vote, for endorsing an ignorant and unprepared candidate with no political support, or just pretending you didn’t want a WOMAN as President. Tomorrow will be Gary Johnson’s first day as the FIRST Libertarian President of the United States and the FIRST step toward overturning our corrupt and broken government. Well done. Well-friggin-done.
Author’s Note: I wrote this in the event the world turned upside down and the people who personally attacked me were right. Guess I can delete this from my hard drive along with their friendships, now, huh?