Farpoint 2023!

The Farpoint Convention schedule is up (and can you tell I am excited?) https://myconschedule.com/farpoint2023/#

So, You Want To Be A Podcaster…
Salon E, 10am – 11am (Sa)
We’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of podcasting, things to know and equipment you’ll need to start.

Resident Alien
Salon A, 11am – 12pm (Sa)
We’ll discuss Season 2 of this offbeat comedy, based on a Dark Horse comic.

Author Autograph Session
Hunt Valley Hallway, 2pm – 3pm (Sa)
Keith DeCandido, Glenn Hauman, Jay Smith

Author Role Models
Salon D, 11am – 12pm (Su)
Find out which authors our panels respect, admire, seek to emulate, both personally and professionally.

Toxic Fandom
Salon E, 1pm – 2pm (Su)
Used to be, fans proclaimed their devotion for TV shows, movies, books and the like with multiple viewings/readings, joining fan clubs, purchasing merchandise, even writing letters to protest cancellations. Now, fans feel entirely justified in trashing an actor’s performance or criticizing directors for their choices — even boasting that the fans could do better! Where did this sense of entitlement come from? Can we blame social media?

Author Autograph Session
Hunt Valley Hallway, 2pm – 3pm (Su)
Arroe J. Knight, Josh Pritchett, Jay Smith, Christopher D Abbott

This Wasn’t The Post-Apocalypse I Ordered!
Salon D, 3pm – 4pm (Su)
Now that we’ve lived through a few apocalypses, why doesn’t it feel like the world ended? Is it because there’s more reason for hope than we thought… or is it that the apocalypse is still ongoing? And why does everyone wear spikes in the PA, anyway?


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